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Consano Earth is a UK based Donor Advised Fund set up in 2021 by Nick and Elena Martin.

The 6th IPCC report published in August 2021 leaves no doubt that it is "code red for humanity". Even in their best case scenario the world is likely to temporarily reach 1.5C of warming by 2040. There needs to be immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions in emissions. Without this the report warns that limiting global warming to either 1.5C or even 2C about pre-industrial levels by 2010 would be beyond reach.

The health of the planet underpins all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The focus on carbon emissions reduction is necessary but not sufficient. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the tragic folly of undervaluing resilience and ignoring systematic risk. Society is beginning to place greater value on sustainability, and that’s a pre-condition to solving the climate crisis. We see COVID-19 as a call to action on climate change and the recognition of the importance of biodiversity needs to be amplified.

Forests and oceans are natural assets that act as carbon sinks. Greater biodiversity reduces risks and uncertainty within a portfolio of natural assets. Today half of habitable land is used for agriculture. Changing farming subsidies, increasingly volatile weather and increasing consumer preferences away from meat heavy diets are presenting serious challenges to farmers. These combined with the ever closer tipping point for plant-based meat and the cellular agriculture revolution mean landowners need an alternative. We believe there is scope to free up a lot of agricultural land an increasing amount of which has become marginal due to climate instability. A proper recognition of the value of natural assets would clearly demonstrate that returning this land to nature offers not only better financial returns but also benefits positively impacts the environment and society. We seek to fund charities that amplify this important message and help rewild the land and sea. 


What we do

Foggy Forest

Rewilding The Land

We fund initiatives that focus on developing large rewilding demonstration sites on land. These sites:

  • Help connect different interest groups specifically the commercial sector as well as Government, NGO and science sectors which will be needed to rewild at scale

  • Introduce innovative funding structures that can be scaled

  • Showcase the non-monetary benefits of biodiversity by promoting the use of tools that can act as an interface between technology and rewilding. These tools are key to ensuring that every financial decision will properly take climate change into account.

Key charities include Heal Rewilding in the UK and the Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) in Romania.​

Rewilding The Sea

The importance of our oceans is often overlooked. The ocean is a critical carbon sink helping to regulate global climate. The livelihoods of 10-12% of the world's population depend on fisheries and aquaculture. Over 3bn people rely on food from the ocean as a significant source of protein. By 2050, an estimated 800m people will be at risk of storm surges from extreme weather events and rising sea level threaten low lying cities.  

We fund ocean rewilding initiatives with a focus on seagrass projects. Seagrass meadows promote biodiversity holding 40 times more marine life than seabeds without grass.are able to store carbon dioxide, which contributes to global heating, at a rate 35 times faster than tropical rainforests. Seagrass meadows help prevent coastal erosion, as their long blades counter the ocean’s swell and provide a buffer to storm damage.

Key charities include Project Seagrass and the Marine Conservation Society.

Picture courtesy of Georgie Bull.

Beaver couple eating the same tree branch..jpg

Amplifying the importance of Rewilding

Whilst we enjoy our personal involvement with smaller charities it is critically important that "umbrella" rewilding organisations and initiatives are developed to promote the formation of nature corridors that amplify the impact of individual rewilding sites. Core rewilding areas are of vital importance but need to complemented by private land owners committing to part of their own Regenerative Areas to rewilding. Rewilding Britain and Wild East are leading examples of this.

We also personally support initiatives that showcase the importance of rewilding specifically film and media projects that are solution based, pro-active stories. This is as much about funding people as funding projects. In 2020 we started working with Falmouth University in helping fund rewilding centric films from recent graduates.


"We can't have healthy people on an unhealthy planet"

Paul Polman


Wonderful things happen as nature heals

Here is a wonderful film from Rewilding Britain that shows what can happen as nature starts to heal.


“We talk of saving the planet but the truth is we must do these things to save ourselves. With or without us the wild will return.”

Sir David Attenborough in "A Life on Our Planet"


The bison is such an important keystone species and we were delighted to see a herd in the Carpathian Mountains in September 2021 on our visit to the FCC conservation charity.


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Aerial drone flying above Calinesti valley in Cozia Mountains. Calinesti village can be se