Supporting Films to Amplify Our Message

Nick, Elena and Consano Earth believe that short film is a critical medium to communicate our key messages with impact whilst providing a call to action. Some of the films we have supported are shown below:


Our work with Falmouth University

Marine and Natural History Photography and Film 

In 2020 we started working with Anna Roberts at Falmouth to fund film projects for recent Marine & Natural History Photography degree graduates (funded personally and outside of the Consano Earth Fund). The films selected showcase the importance of rewilding and are solution based, pro-active stories. This is as much about funding people as funding projects and helping the graduates follow their passion as they embark on their careers. 


Class of 2021

The Class of 2021, Caylon and Jacob, graduated in June 2021. Jacob's film was completed in December and is shown below whilst Caylon's is in final edit and will be shown here in due course.


Caylon La Mantia

Showcasing Sea Kelp

In Caylon's words.... "Our film will be an uplifting showcase of one of nature’s most versatile and simple solutions to protecting, managing, and regenerating our damaged coastal ecosystem - Kelp, the unassuming climate superhero."

Image by Joseph Barrientos

Jacob Guy

Communities coming together to protect the ocean

In Jacob's words.... "This film celebrates stories of rapid ocean regeneration and the power of the underwater world to recover and provide when protected by the people who depend on it."