Rewilding Shout Outs

During our "rewilding" journey we have come across some fantastic people who are doing great work and whose message deserves a broader audience.


Founded in 2017 by Nathalie Seddon, the Nature-based Solutions Initiative is an international, multi-lingual and interdisciplinary team of natural and social scientists, seeking to apply impactful research to shape policy and practice on nature-based solutions through research, teaching and engagement with policymakers and practitioners. The NbSI is based in the Department of Zoology and the School of Geography at the University of Oxford.


Emily Fairfax

Emily is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Resource Management at California State University Channel Islands. Emily is doing some fantastic research on how rivers are complex “speed bumps” in the spreading of wildfires and particularly how beaver meadows are significant mitigants to wildfire spreading and therefore damage. The impact of beavers on wildfire mitigation has only really been studied in the last two years and is a great example of a “nature-based solution”.


TENT - The European Nature Trust

TENT was founded by Paul Lister, philanthropist and owner of the wonderful Alladale Wildeness Reserve in Scotland. Alladale is leading the way on rewilding in Scotland and was featured on BBC Springwatch 2021. TENT supports many conservation projects including The Foundation Conservation Carpathia in Romania.

Nature-based Solutions Initiative


Georgie Bull

Georgie was the first winner of the Marine Conservation Society's Optimist of the Year Award and also recently won the British and Irish Underwater Photography Championships with the stunning seagrass image above (shamefully cropped so go to Georgie's website to see the complete picture). In December 2021 Georgie published a fantastic film  "Time & Tides" that features the wonderful marine life at Charmouth and how we continue to see there, in Georgie's words, "a poetic synergy of nature's past, present and future".