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Recording of the "Rewilding The Land & Sea" Event held in Bristol on 7th June

We hosted an inaugural collaboration event between Heal Rewilding, Project Seagrass and ourselves in Bristol on 7th June. This was a wonderful opportunity to hear from some of charities we support as well as see Kelp! a film that we funded after a shout out on the So Hot Right Now! podcast from some Falmouth University students. 

RTL&S 2022: Who We Are

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Heal Rewilding with Hannah Needham


An introduction to Heal Rewilding from Hannah Needham, Operations Director.


Heal's raises money to buy land and rewild it. Their ambition is to have one new rewilding site in every English county which would restore 10,000 hectares of degraded land for nature.


Due to poor lighting the recording shows only the slides Hannah used but we promise you she was there and gave a fascinating talk!